How much do I pay at the time of scheduling?

Nothing. You will pay your golf instructor at the time of your golf lesson. Tune Up Golf charges no booking fees. This service is FREE.

Will I pay more for a golf lesson if I use TuneupGolf?

No. We just make it more convenient for you to locate a golf instructor in your desired area.

Can I just call the driving range and/or golf course directly for a golf lesson?

You can, but makes it simple for you to find and learn about all of the golf instructors in your desired area, show you their rates, and even allow you the option to book your golf lesson online.

Would you recommend a golf lesson after a round of golf?

Yes, it's a great time to work on any issues you experienced from your round. Just go to and book your lesson while you are playing.

If the golf Instructor offers me a golf lesson package, do I have to go back and book it through

No. Our web-site is designed to bring golf consumers to the golf instructor so that they can develop a lasting relationship.

Should I get a golf lesson before a round of golf?

Yes, most golfers hit a bucket of balls before their round in order to warm up. can help you arrange a golf lesson prior to your game, to truly prepare you for your game.

Can I use to make golf lessons with multiple golf instructors?

Yes, we recommend you do so, until you find the golf instructor that you are most comfortable with.

Do I get range balls included in the golf lesson cost?

Not at every location, because the Golf Instructor is an independent representative of the facility, and the range is a separate business. Please ask your Golf Instructor.

How early should I show up to my golf lesson?

You should plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early, so that you have time to purchase your range balls.

How will I recognize my golf instructor?

You will be able to see a picture of the golf instructor on our web-site. Also, most of the golf instructors will have a sign next to the driving range he/she is using. You may go into the office at the facility and ask as well.

Are the golf instructors PGA Pros?

No, not all of them. Being a PGA Pro is not a requirement to become a golf instructor. The good news is that you are able to read the instructors BIO before you book the golf lesson.

What is the best method to contact

The best method is by email, that way we can direct your question to the correct department.

What form of payment does the golf instructor accept for the golf lesson?

Cash and check, and some may accept credit cards. Please ask your golf instructor when they make contact with you.

Independent golf instructors

All of the golf instructors on this website are independent, none of them are employees of any kind of Tune Up Golf Inc.

I am a golf instructor in the Inland Empire.   I recently canceled my personal website because it was very basic and cost too much money to maintain every month, with very little business traffic.  The free webpage that offers is great.   I can post so much more than my old site, plus offer golf lessons for immediate purchase. 

Jose M., Inland Empire, Californ

When booking a tee time, I came across   At first I thought it was a company that offered discount tee times, but found out after clicking on their link, that it was a golf lesson booking website.  I have to say I have never seen anything like this.  After reading some reviews on a few instructors, I scheduled a 20-minute golf lesson prior to my time tee.   What a difference it made.  Thanks!

Robert J., Costa Mesa, Californi