How much does it cost for me as a Golf Instructor to sign up?

Free, there is no sign up fee, or monthly charges.

If I am a Golf Instructor how do I get paid for the golf lesson?

Just like normal, you collect from the golf student when they show up for their golf lesson. We do not take any part of this.

How many golf lessons can I post as a Golf Instructor in a day or week?

You can post as many real time golf lessons as you like. Many of our golf instructors just post their rates, and then schedule the golf lesson with the golf student after the golf lesson is purchased.

How do I find out if someone has requested a golf lesson from me?

You will receive an email with the consumers contact information.

How will the consumer get my contact information after he/she request a golf lesson?

He/she will receive an email from immediately after requesting a lesson.

How many Golf Instructors do you allow at one location?

As long as the Instructor is affiliated with the facility, then unlimited.

Does take part of the golf lesson fee?

No, we do not take any part of your lesson fee. If a consumer reserves a lesson for you through our site, we charge the consumer $1.90 for doing so. The consumer pays for that directly to TuneUpGolf.

Does restrict how much we charge for a golf lesson?


Can I cancel and delete my account?

Yes, you may do so at anytime. If you want your page canceled, please email and your page will be deleted.

Can I offer golf lesson packages to these consumers after my first golf lesson?


How many websites can I have for free?

You can set up as many websites you need to cover all the locations that you offer golf lessons. Each account must have a unique email address and also a unique URL. Example Email: Example URL:

What type of ads are on my personal webpage?

Advertisements will vary, however you will never see competitor advertising, or any advertising relating to: pornography, gambling or anything of illegal nature. Any advertisement seen by a consumer will be based upon his/her recent internet searches.

Just completed my first putting lessons from a golf instructor from that I found from  Looking forward to my round this weekend to see if I can knock some strokes off the old game.

Bill W., Brea, California

I am a new golf school graduate, and have been working on building my golf lesson business.  After researching many different websites and other internet marketing ideas, I came across  What I like about their site, is that they offer a free professional website for me, as well as let me offer golf lessons for purchase.  Thanks!

Keith G., Anaheim, California